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I have updated the book after finding a few more errors (I'm not perfect) and have sent it off to get edited professionally into Kindle and iPad formats, it should be done and selling within the week. Now you can play juegos de casino.  In the meantime, because I have updated the book yet again, I have all these old books of the previous version that I am going to need to get rid of.  I will have to think of some sort of giveaway for them.

   I'm still working hard on the supplemental videos that I have promised everyone.  I haven't had a ton of time to work on them but they are on my mind and will be worked on soon.

In the meantime check out my latest video for Card Runners which dives into the concept Folding Equity and Bet Sizing in even more detail than the book.  Cardrunners will be doing some promotions with the book and I should have an article up on their site soon as well.

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I have been working hard playing poker the last few weeks, and I have moved into a new place.  That doesn't leave a lot of free time for improving the website and expanding the additional features of the book, but I still have very specific and important plans to add value to the book and thought I would lay them out here for anyone considering purchasing Quantum Poker, and anyone that already has.

  First, I plan to create a promotional video for the book that helps explain what to expect from the book and what you can hope to get out of it.  Second, I plan to create two instructional videos that come along with the book via an e-mail link when purchased.  They will be totally free and anyone who purchases the book now, and anyone who has purchased it, will still get them for free.  I will make sure and e-mail everyone once they become available.  The first video will basically be a side by side of chapter 4 designed to help people through it and help nail in the concept of enumeration.  I believe so much in this concept; I know it is the technically correct way to look at poker and I believe the more people that can view it this (proper) way, the better they will all be at poker.  The second video will be a couple of CREV walkthroughs and made to help encourage people to use CREV and share their trees with others, so that we can all learn tough (and tough to calculate and put together) situations to the best of our ability, and fix all those minor leaks that you can still have even as a high stake pro.  All the videos I am making I intend to add unique flash animation that kind of represents or brings out what I see in my head when I talk about these concepts.  Their importance is so dear to me and the lack of discussion on the topic is astonishing, I really want to be the first to nail this one down!).

Alongside these project I am still working on releasing videos for CardRunners and Synergy Poker in order to expand some advertising channels as well as show people what I am all about as a coach and poker player.

I truly hope everyone is enjoying their book, even the tough and boring parts (they are generally the most important parts), and I hope I am opening up your mind to expert decision-making, and helping you to remove your ego! I have gotten a bit of criticism on the title and I admit it sounds a little childish or sleazy at first, but once you understand the material inside the book, I think you will understand why I named it Quantum Poker.

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The first review is out and more are on the way:

Check out Verneer's full review.   Here is the shorter version:

Pawel "Verneer" Nazarewicz:

"This book is a glimpse into the mind of a long-term winning player and that's critical. At times it's really dense (the math behind the enumerations), but having access to 200+ pages of organized thoughts from a player of Derric's caliber is invaluable and easily worth the price of the book. 

I would not recommend this as a starter book, but for anyone who is winning at the small or mid stakes and wants to take his or her game to the next level, this is a good follow-up book... [that] should easily pay for itself if you are looking to become more serious about the game,even if you don't get all or most of the math involved in the theory section."

In the meantime I plan to finish up a couple of instructional videos that will help nail in the concepts outlined in the heavy math sections (mainly chapter 4 - The Unified Theory of Poker) - and I look forward to working with Cardrunners, Poker Zion, TwoPlusTwo and Synergy Poker to get the word out about the book.

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  I finalized the last of the revisions last night and have ordered more copies of the book.  I am glad that I was able to catch these errors early on, before any big marketing campaigns.  Currently I am working with Poker Zion, Cardrunners, and Twoplustwo on marketing the book and once everything is in place (need to make a few instructional videos) I expect sales to pick up tons and I expect to be getting a lot of reviews back.  Tri Nguyen just finished reading the book and his review will most likely be the first one up.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and can't wait to discuss this book on the forums, in podcasts, or in e-mail inquiries.  Cheers!

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Hi all, 
    Thank you for your support and feedback about the book.  I have become aware of many small errors in the book in grammar, math, and word usage, and am revising the book to solve the issues.  The errors don't effect the vaildity of the book and my ideas in it, but certainly reflect on my failure to revise perfectly before publishing.  I think it is because while I was revising in the past, I was also adding in sections, and I wasn't focused on revising those sections as I wrote them down.  In any case, I will have a second edition of the book out soon and available to everyone.  If you don't want to wait you can still buy the current edition, and if you find your edition full of errors and it bothers you just shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the new version out for free.

To ensure to you that these small errors don't effect the overall message of the book, here is an example:

Page 97: "...the frequency of some of the key mean value triangles..."  it should be "mean value rectangles," a total slip up by me.

Oopsie, lol.  I am working hard to fix the errors and present a more professional finished product, and I do apologize for any confusion or frustration that arises from my errors.  I am not an author, just a poker player with a lot of good advice to give.  Thank you for your patience and enjoy!

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Quantum Poker

Quantum Mechanics is a branch of physics that deals with the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and atomic particles.  In one particular thought experiment called Schrödinger's cat there is a situation in which a cat left in a box has been dealt a fate of either being alive or dead based on a random event.  While the experiment was never done, of course, there was an uncertainty about the state of the cat until it was observed.  In poker, we experience this uncertainty all the time when we are trying to figure out our opponents hole cards.  There are many different states their hole cards can be in and we will not be sure which hand they have until we observe it.  At that moment, the waves of possibilities collapse to particles and become known hole cards.  Unfortunately, all relevant (and valuable) decisions are always made before hole cards are exposed, meaning, throughout your decision-making process, you will always be guessing at the state of your opponents hole cards.  Until you have seen a hand, it is in a state of uncertainty just like Schrödinger's cat and you can only use observations to narrow down the likelihood of possible hands.

Quantum poker is the ability to completely understand poker by properly dissecting and interpreting all of the possible outcomes of a situation.  Imagine a complex puzzle with billions and billions of possibilities, in which, with each step forward, you are able to remove the outer layers of the puzzle to get a clearer understanding of how to solve it.  This is what occurs throughout a hand in poker.   There are many different starting scenarios and as each player makes their action the near-infinite possibilities collapse onto a much easier set of common situations that you will encounter frequently.  Understanding each experience, cataloguing it, and being able to recall it will get you closer to solving the puzzle that is the next hand you play.

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  I have added in the table of contents so that you can better understand all of the topics covered in the book.  Take a look on the page, let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy.

Officially Launched

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$10 Off for a limited time,
Buy Now for $49.99!
Today, July 10th 2012, marks the official launch date of Quantum Poker.  It took a few months to write, 3 months to edit, and 3 weeks to review and tidy up and we are good to go.  Read it, review it, email me questions or concerns, I am very happy to talk about the book and poker in general.  

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